Introduction: Individuals and Peoples

Prologue: The Birth Of A Tribe

Part I: Another People’s War, 1818–1830

1. Difficult Negotiations

2. Attack and Counterattack

3. The Mouth of a Gun

4. A Champaign Country

5. The Return of the Pauri Devi.

Reflection: Another People’s War

Part II: A New Grand Strategy, 1831–1837

6. The Genesis of Wilkinson’s System

7. Strategic Moves on the Ethnic Frontier

8. The Arrival of the Assistant

9. Poto Ho’s Resistance

Part III: The Establishment Of The Estate, 1837–1842

10. Post-Conflict Reconstruction

11. Consolidation.

Afterglow: A Complete History of Indian Birds

Part IV: Tickell’s Hodésum Articles Of 1840

12. The Rude Forefathers

13. The Hodésum Articles.

Reflection: That Tickell Woman

Conclusion: A People In Their Own Land

Appendix: Impact of Tickell’s articles

NB: For an overview of all the subjects and persons treated, see the Index.